Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Six Geese A Laying


Halfway mark!!

I really didn't think this project would have taken me so long to stitch but I guess when I had some Christmas presents to finish and then not stitching for about 2 weeks because of the muscle I pulled in my neck really slowed this project down.  But it will be finished for next Christmas!

I made my goose a Canada Goose since I am Canadian and all.  (He kinda looked like a Canada Goose anyway I just added some white on his head that other wise would have just been empty holes like his wing)  

Here is the whole project.  I am very pleased with it and can't wait to start another Plum Street Design.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stitching!


  1. Your stitching is coming along beautifully, Khristine.

  2. Great progress! This chart is too cute! Love the colors!

    1. Thanks Alison! I am usually no good at picking out colors so I am quite happy that they are looking exactly like I wanted them to :)