Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 67 Hannah Lynn and a new start

Day 67 - I made it to the top of this row but I am missing 3 colors that I have to go back and do.  My sister and I share threads.  She has my missing threads.  Hopefully I will see her tomorrow and then I will be able to really finish this row.  

The tread sharing usually works out pretty good but once and awhile we end up needing the same color.  At least she only lives across the road.  

And since I didn't want to move my Q-Snaps until I had finished the top of Hannah Lynn and also because my stitching group was cancelled tonight because of the extremely cold weather, I made a new start to cheer myself up.

This is Quoth the Raven by Kincavel Krosses.  It is a freebie and all you have to do to print it is click on the picture of the chart and print.  I am stitching it on 35ct Northern Cross Off-White Linen and I am using Gentle Arts Carriage Black thread.  So far so good but that border might kill me yet...

Happy Stitching!!

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