Sunday, July 15, 2018


Happy July!!!

How has everyone's summer been going?
As is everywhere, here on PEI we are cooking!  Higher than normal temperatures but we are surviving.

Now onto the orts!

Sad, pretty much empty jar this month.  But better than completely empty right?!

Now lets see how I did on my goals -

Ping Panda by Brooke's Books.  My goal was to finish the border and all the white stitches.  I did finish the border and about half the white stitches.  So close!  New goal - Finish this.

Hannah Lynn by Heaven and Earth Designs.  My goal was 500 stitches and I did 762.5!  Woohoo!  New goal - 700 stitches.

Halloween Rules by LizzieKate.  My goal was to finish the Mind Your Mummy block, which is finished except for the button eyes which I will add after all the stitching is complete and to finish half the next block which I did not do.  New goal - Finish this block.

Deepest Love by Mirabilia.  My goal was to finish the page I was working on and I did!  New goal - stitch her arms.

Spring Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.  My goal was to finish the next block but I didn't stitch on it at all so it remained the same.  New goal - it isn't in my rotation this month so no goal.

Friendship Grows by LizzieKate.  My goal was to finish it and I did!

Noel 2013 by Le Chalet des Perelles.  My goal was to finish the snow across the bottom and while there still is more snow to stitch I made it to the row that started to have missing stitches and not be a complete row of white.  So I am going to call that a completed goal!  New goal - Stitch the border and the tree on the left.

Frog Biscornu by Casey Buonaugurio.  This was a new start this month.  I finished the borders for both sides and now I am starting to fill in the insides.  New goal - Fill in one side.

And that is it guys!  Now back to laundry and hopefully a couple more stitches before bed.

Happy Stitching!

Finish #10

Friendship Grows a freebie by LizzieKate
Started April 24, 2018
Finished June 16, 2018
Stitches on 40ct White Verdal 1 over 2
Fibers used - HDF silks