Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Temari Tuesday #3


Last night at stitching guild was Temari Tuesday.  This is the third Temari ball I have made and I think I am getting better.  Things are starting to get a little more even.  Here you can see ball 1 and ball 2.  

Thanks for visiting and Happy Stitching :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

This is going to kill me...

Hiya!!  I used to work with a girl who always greeted me with Hiya :)

This tatted doily is going to do me in!!  It absolutely kills my hand.  Carpal-tunnel or something I think is causing me the pain so I can only do a little bit then take a break until my hand wakes back up and stops throbbing.  No pain no gain they say, but I think that is better suited to working out and not tatting.  :)

This still needs to be starched so it lays nicer.  It will help all the parts go where they are supposed to and not twist up anymore.  

I am learning this pattern from youtube and if anyone wants to go check the videos out here they are:

Part 3 took me the better part of the day.  It also didn't help that I had half of it done before I realized I was joining the wrong picots together and had to cut all that part off. :(  

And since it took me all day and I had to go donate blood tonight, which I wasn't able to do because my iron was too low, I didn't get one stitch in on Hannah Lynn!  It isn't very often that I don't at least cross one stitch.  Oh well tomorrow is a new day :)

 Happy whatever you are doing today :)xx

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day 128 on Hannah Lynn

Hello there!!  I made it to the top again on Hannah Lynn.  These posts are going to get fewer and further between as these diagonal columns get longer.  Right now a column is spread out over 5 different pages. 

Here is before on day 115.

And here is where I am today.  I hope Micheal's has a good supply of DMC 310 because I am going through it like wild!!
Happy Stitching!! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Hello!!  It is TUSAL time again!  I think I had a great month this month, lots of orts and I think that is because of retreat weekend, I just stitched away all weekend except for a "short" game of charades.  :) 

The weather here has been beautiful this last week or so.  18-20 degrees and sunny.  We have hardly spent any time indoors and it is wonderful!  I hope it is sunny and warm where ever you are :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Floss box Mystery


I just finished off a thread on Titania and decided to put her away for a bit and work on something else.  

So I decided to work on Hannah Lynn.  When I opened the floss box this is what I found:
Someone decided to color code my floss!?!  Brayden is only 5 so if he did this I am very impressed with his sorting abilities.  I can't imagine Jamie would take the time to do this so I know it wasn't him.  And Thomas would have taken all the floss and hid them around the house like he did with my bank card last week that I still can't find!!  I can't wait for Brayden to get home from school so I can ask him if he did it.  :)

Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Finish #3

Quoth the Raven 
Freebie from Kincavel Krosses
Stitched on : 35ct Off-white Northern Cross Linen
Fibers : Carriage Black 7095 from The Gentle Art
Started 01.06.2015
Finished 07.05.2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

A lovely time was had by all

Hi!  I am back from retreat.  I didn't have to travel too far as the retreat center is only 5 minutes down the road.  The benefits of living on a small island.  I had the most wonderful time, great company and great food and best of all a ton of laughing.  I have discovered that stitchers are the most fun people to play charades with!!  What a hoot!  I also got a lot of stitching done as you can see below with my first Mirbilia, Titania, Queen of the Fairies!!  

Isn't she gorgeous already?!  I am in love and can't wait to do the my next Mirabilia.  

I also made a few purchases while I was there.  The shop from New Brunswick, Because You Count comes over and has a little pop up shop for us.  This picture is the beads, treasures and Kreinik for Titania.

There are a few charts I got at the cleaning out your stash table from other retreat goers.

And these were my new purchases from the shop.  A skein of Carriage Black by The Gentle Art to finish my Quoth the Raven, Christmas means more by Heart in Hand, it is a quote from The Grinch (which is my favorite Christmas movie.  (Cartoon not the live action one.)  And Hen Party by Little House Needleworks with the hand dyed thread and beads.  This one will be for my aunt.  When I was little from about age 8 - 15 or so she used to have "chicken parties", as she called them, for all her younger nieces and those parties are one of my most favorite childhood memories.  It started out just being my sister and me when our parents had gone away for the weekend or whatever they were doing and by the end of it there were 5-6 going each time.  We usually went once or twice a year or more if we could talk her into it.  So that will be for her for Christmas or birthday or just whenever I get it done.  I had a wild notion to make one for each of the chicken party participants but we will see how the first one goes.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!  Happy stitching!