Thursday, October 3, 2013

A dresser for Thomas and Christmas presents

 Here is the $20 dresser I bought from facebook, sanded and all ready for paint.  I sprayed one coat of Rustoleum grey primer, then 2 coats of Rustoleum Granite.  It was a lot simpler then I had anticipated but I do not recommend spray painting on a breezy day.

 And here is the final product.  It is a little more blue than I was looking for.  I got my inspiration from here, which looked like a dark grey color.  I even bought the exact same spray paint, brand, color, but mine looks blue.  I also bought drawer pulls today but they aren't the right size.  I guess using a 3 hole puncher that has a ruler on the side will hamper your measuring abilities.  I also might buy a clear coat so the dresser has a shiny finish but I am still undecided.  Over all it has been a pretty cheap dresser.  The spray paint cost $15 for both bottles and I spent $40 on drawer pulls but they are going to be returned so I might find something cheaper.

This is the Prairie Schooler 2011 Santa.  I am making him into a Christmas tree ornament.  I am not sure how to finish him maybe a burlap bow and a button or something.  Ideas are welcome.