Saturday, July 20, 2013

At Our House Progress

Not much else going on.  I am now about halfway done and I can't wait to pick out my next Lizzie Kate Design.  I have my eye on this one.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A bit of progress and some brotherly love

I got a bit more done to At Our House.  It is all I have been working on but the kids are not giving me too much time to stitch lately.

Also this evening my almost 4 year said to my almost 4 month old "I love you all the days."  I feel like I am doing something right every time he says things like that.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hi!  My name is Khristine and I am from Prince Edward Island, Canada, which makes cross stitching hard because the only place to shop is at Micheals, and they only sell thread, needles, and a small assortment of fabric.

That is why I started searching the internet and found Intricate Cross stitch.  And I was like "Awesome!  Free patterns.  OMG!  The money I am going to save and bonus! no back stitching... I hate backstitching"

So off I go and print 40 pages of pattern, buy 60 skeins of DMC and some evenweave which is all Micheals carries.  Which put me back oh about 70$.  So who saved money?  Not this girl but the cross stitch is beautiful and who cares about money anyway!

My first plan of action was to tape all the pages together into a giant pattern.  Good idea at first until this started happening

Holes in my pattern!  Note to self bad idea. But the cross stitch is still looking good.

But it got put on hold for awhile because I found out I was having boy #2 and I seen a Peter Rabbit Nursery online and fell in love and decided to do my own take on that so I found this pattern and this is what I have done so far:

 Mama bunny sitting on a rocking chair with 2 baby bunnies.  Don't be too impressed, the baby is almost 4 months old... maybe his children will enjoy it.

Then my 3 year old decided he too needed a cross stitch, so on to the next one, which was found here, and right now looks like this:

Disney Cars with all the characters.  2 pages done 34 to go.  Again maybe his children will enjoy it.

Oh and here are the kiddies:

Brayden is the big one and the little one is Thomas.

By now you must see that I have major issues with not finishing things I start so why not add one more to the mix:

Out of all the projects I have on the go, this one is giving me the most grief.  It is stitched over two threads, which is my first time doing this and my mind doesn't feel like telling my fingers that that is how we are doing things.  I have made 3 big, cannot be overlooked mistakes already.  I have spent as much time stitching as I have taking stitches out.  The H and the S have both been redone and then today was a line of yellow stitches that go across the bottom of these words that I put in, took out, then put back in today.

This is a Lizzie Kate pattern which I have been oogling for a few months and decided I couldn't live with out it and seeing as I couldn't get it anywhere here I had to order it from Calgary.  Traditional Stitches is the closest place that I could find.  They were awesome to deal with and I hope that it is the beginning of a beautiful seller/buyer friendship.

Now that I feel I have aired my dirty stitching laundry, I hope it will motivate me to finish some things before starting any more... but probably not.

Happy Stitching!