Sunday, September 25, 2016

A page finish!

Hello there!

I have a page finish this week!  Below is page 12 finished on Beatrix Potter Bunnies.

And here is what it looks like so far.  I am so in love with it and I really can't wait to have it hanging on my wall.

So since I put my bunnies away for a bit the next up in line is Save The Stitches,  The patterns on this block seem fairly simple so I am hoping they go smoothly.

I hope you are all having some lovely stitchy time!

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Happy stitching!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Finish #22

Little Wings by Lavender and Lace
Started January 1, 2016
Finished September 18, 2016
Stitched on Charles Craft 28ct Tea-Dyed Irish Linen/Evenweave (?? I don't know either.  It says Linen and Evenweave on the package)
Fibers used - DMC
My first Lavender and Lace pattern

A few close ups.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Finish #21

Hot Cocoa by M Designs
From the 2013 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue
Started September 5, 2016
Finished September 12, 2016
Stitched on unknown linen
Fibers used Weeks Dye Works and Crescent Colors

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Last week's stitching

Hiya guys!

This post was supposed to go up on Sunday, Monday at the latest but it is such a pain in the neck to get the pictures from my phone to the computer.  For some reason my computer does not recognize my phone as a device..??  And Blogger doesn't have an app anymore so I can't blog right from my phone.  Real world problems right there!  ;)  So the only work around I have found so far is to email the pictures to myself.  It is working but I am not happy with it.

On to the stitching!

My Beatrix Potter Bunnies are coming along.  Almost finished of page 12!

I am slowly but surely making it to the top of that row on Hannah Lynn.  It is her turn again tomorrow and I hope to get to the top or very close to it.

I started on Kenny Kangaroo.

And last but not least I am on the home stretch on Little Wings!  I am really looking forward to having it finished.

I cooked my first chicken last night.  A whole chicken with stuffing and gravy and all that.  It turned out wonderful!  Roasting a whole chicken was terrifying to me, I don't know what about it scared me but it was way easier than I thought it would be.  

Our chickens also laid their first egg yesterday which was surprising as we have been told not to expect any for another couple months. Brayden was very excited to go collect it and he has been out to the coop 3 or 4 times today to see if there was any more.

Thomas is potty training.  I know, I know at 3 1/2 he should be long potty trained but I am so glad I waited this long.  We started Monday and today he hasn't had one accident so I would call that a potty training success.  I started training Brayden when he turned 2 and he was well over 3 before we were completely finished.  

My last bit of excitement is we started stitching guild again for the year.  Last night was our first meeting and it was so great to get back out and see everyone again.  Always lots of laughs when we get together.

I hope you all are well and getting lots of stitching in!

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Happy Stitching!

Friday, September 2, 2016

TUSAL time!

Hey there!

It is TUSAL time again and here are my orts.

(Please disregard the wrestling children in the back round, I promise no got hurt.  It was friendly wrestling)

The orts this month were from:

Little Wings- I almost have the little girl finished!

 Hannah Lynn - Slow going but I only work on her once a week so I am happy with the progress.

Beatrix Potter Bunnies - Not much progress, I have been unmotivated to work on it.

A finish!  Merry Motifs by Homespun Elegance - It is presently sitting at my mom's waiting for her to sew it into a little pillow.

And another finish! Pearly Pig - She is waiting patiently for me to finish all her friends so they can party together at Christmas. It definitely won't be this Christmas but I am staying on track for next Christmas.

Last but not least a little haul picture.  I put in a little order with Crazy Annie's Stitchin.  They have an awesome clearance section, which is where I found all of these goodies.

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Happy Stitching!