Monday, November 25, 2013

I am so crafty!

I made this can for my boys to take with us when we go someplace that doesn`t have toys, like the doctors.  It is just out of a Pringles can, some scrapbook paper, to cover the can, and stickers to decorate with.  I used rub-on letters and I also put one coat of ModPodge over it too.  I was also thinking that it would be a cute birthday present, so I will now be hoarding Pringles cans.  Oh and I should thank the boyfriend for his help.  He cut the circle for the cover and helped measure the paper for the can, and then told me he wouldn`t have the patience to do this kind of stuff.  It literally took 10 minutes to do this, that is not even long enough for your patience to kick in.  

I am working on Brayden`s Cars crossstitch right now and also the Santas below.  I am getting really bored with these Santas but they are going to be Christmas presents so I have to keep at them.  I do one color on Santa then one color on Cars.  If I ever decide to make ornaments for people again they will not all be the same.  I must get that from my grandfather.  He made coffee tables, china cabinet, hope chests and more but none of them were ever the same.

Only 3 to go!!   Well 4 actually but #4 only needs another 1/2 hour or so.

I finished another page of Thomas`s crossstitch.  I can`t wait to do the next page and see what Mama bunny`s face is going to look like.

Happy stitching!