Tuesday, October 9, 2018

October TUSAL

Hello friends!

It is TUSAL time again!!  Life has been busy as usual.  My stitching guild has started up again for the year so it is nice to get out a few times a month to stitch with my friends.  Yesterday was Thanksgiving in Canada so Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Other than that just trying to get ready for winter.

And now here are my orts and my stitching buddy.

And now my wips!

Hannah Lynn by Heaven and Earth Deisgns.  My goal was 600 stitches and I did 902!  My goal is going to stay the same at 600.

Halloween Rules by LizzieKate.  My goal was to finish this block and I am close but didn't manage.  New goal is to finish this block and half the next one.

Deepest Love by Mirabilia.  My goal was to finish her arms and I am so so close!  And really I did finish all of her arms that I could on the page I am working on.  New goal is to finish the page I am stitching on right now.

Noel 2013 by Les Chalet Des Perelles.  My goal was to finish this and I didn't even put one stitch in on it.  My goal will remain the same to get this finished.

Frog Biscornu by Casey Buonaugurio.  My goal was to finish filling in this side and I am 2 dark pick petals away from that goal.  New goal will be finish filling in this side and make a good start on the next side.

And lastly my Draft Horses.  I had no goal on this one.  So any progress is great.  I added 354 stitches since last time and I don't think I will make a goal for this one since I don't know when I will haul it out again.

I earned a badge for completing 1000 stitches for the Mini Million Marathon in the Ultimate Cross Stitch Goup.  It was a 20 day event to try as a group to stitch 1,000,000 stitches.  We didn't quite manage but were very close with 981,127 stitches.  I ended with about 1800 stitches.

Yesterday I was taken out finished off the Dodgeball event in Semi Sane Stitchers on facebook.  It was so much fun and had some great teammates and competition.

Here are my boys waiting for the bus one pretty morning.

And this is what our morning are looking like lately.  Very cool and frosty!

And I guess that is if for me.  

Hope you all are well!

Happy Stitching!