Tuesday, August 6, 2013

At Our House is complete

 This is the first finish I have had since probably 2009.  My last completed cross stitches were a few kits that my mother had given me and they were from the 90's I would guess.  Lots of flowers, bunnies, cottages, just ones I was doing because I loved to cross stitch, but all I could think while doing them was "what am I going to do with these when I finish them?  Because they are not going to go in my house!"  Then I started one that was a Welcome sign with a pineapple, which I will try to get a picture of soon to put up here.  Very ugly but I was enjoying stitching it.

  Here is my dog Micah.  She has a very bad habit of eating things she isn't supposed to.  Such as vinyl flooring, insulation, garbage, diapers, and last but not least cross stitch patterns.  Or that is what I think happened to my welcome pineapple pattern but I have no way to prove it because there wasn't a trace of it left.  Nothing.  I was so mad I stopped cross stitching for awhile.  I think she felt bad too because her eating things she isn't supposed to has pretty well stopped.  Thank goodness.

I have also started this "ends" jar.  I seen it on another blog I read, which when I think of it's name or I get their next post in my email I will link to it.  I am not sure why keeping the ends of my thread is so appealing to me but I get so excited when my thread gets short so I can snip it off and put it in the jar.  It is the simple things in life that really get me going.

I am back to working on my Peter Rabbit cross stitch and will get a progress pic up soon.