Saturday, January 24, 2015

1 section down 23 to go....

...or 5 blocks down 129 to go. 

I had no idea I was going to enjoy this so much.  I had it in my head that this was like back stitching and I very muchly dislike back stitching, but I now know this is nothing like back stitching.  Once you get the pattern worked out in your head you hardly even have to look at the paper pattern.  If you are thinking of starting this but hesitant for whatever reason, just go for it.  

 And here is how much fabric I have left to fill in.  It's going to be huge!

Right now I have framing ideas for this one, but the cost of framing something so large might change my mind.  But I have visions of this being a family heirloom so I really want it framed properly.
On the Save the Stitches introduction it calls this project a "stitch dictionary", and that is what got me so excited to do this project.  I love the idea that maybe somebody, years down the road looking at this will see stitches that possibly have been forgotten, but I saved them here on this fabric.  That is what "Save the Stitches" means to me, I am literally saving the stitches.

So everybody, go save some stitches of your own, spread the stitching bug and have lots of fun doing it :)

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