Friday, January 15, 2016

The absolutely no good terrible day!

Hello friends :(

Yesterday I received this in the mail.

And this is a close up of that sticker.  "Officially repaired"  ??!!??  They didn't even fill in the info so I could at least track down where it was damaged at!

That envelope was supposed to contain 2 pieces of fabric from Sunny Dyes.  2 absolutely gorgeous pieces of fabric.  The envelope was completely empty except for the packing slip.  I contacted Sunny Dyes to see if there was any insurance on the package and was told that shipping would have been $32 if they would have added insurance and that they are sorry and I have to file any claims through my post office and to let them know how I make out.  I then called my post office to see what all I needed to start a claim and they told me that the shipper has to start the claim process.  I have written back to Sunny Dyes to tell them that but have not gotten any response.  I have also been talking to Paypal as they have buyer protection and they seemed quite willing to help me if I need them.  I really don't want them to take the money from the seller as it really wasn't their fault.  While they could have better packaging then that flimsy cereal box cardboard I know it is the fault of the postal service.  I will let you all know how I make out.

And some good news I have a page finish on Pitbulls.  That makes 4 pages finished.

And I started on the Seventh Day on 12 Days of Christmas.

Thanks for listening to me rant.  
I hope the postal service where you are is more trustworthy.

Happy Stitching to you all!


  1. Oh no! How terrible. I hope you get it worked out. The seller didn't seem very willing to help you. Hopefully they will package things better in the future.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I heard from her again and she offered to sell me some more fabric and she would pay the shipping but I am scared it will get lost again. I am going to the post office first thing Monday to see what they say.

  2. This is a terrible experience. I hope that the problem can be solved so that your money won't be completely lost.

    1. Thanks Brigitte! I have a lost mail report in at Canada Post now so hopefully my fabric is at their lost and found department and they are able to mail it to me. Fingers crossed!