Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small Micheal's haul

I had a good trip to Micheal's the other day.  I got a scrapbook case for 3.99 and they are regualar 9.99, some floss to make some Christmas ornaments and some Halloween ribbon to finish off my Halloween Town.

 All this ribbon was in a $1.00 bin!

And here is my 8x8 Q-snap to show how big this case it.  My mom and my sister also bought me a case for Christmas.  I think they will be awesome to store wips in.

I am almost done of this pattern page of Cars.  Hopefully I will get it done this week.

My boys!

Brayden helping shovel out the back of the truck.  He is such a good help and he is always doing something.  I don't think we shoveled off the front steps at all last winter, he was out there as soon as the snow stopped every time... some times even before the snow stopped.  I hope little brother enjoys helping as much as big brother does.

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