Monday, June 16, 2014

Teacher's gifts

I bought 2 of these boxes at Micheals for Teacher's gifts.

I used a couple of the princesses from The Once Upon A Time Sampler, but changed their hair color to match Brayden's teachers.

Then I searched online for a teacher quote and this was the first one I found and I loved it.  I used this Cross stitch writing tool to make the pattern.

A few apples from the Snow White part of Once Upon A Time.

And their initials.  Now all that is left is to varnish and get a few goodies to put in the boxes.  I really hope they like them.

Here is a little progress on Cars.  The link will take you to the Etsy shop I bought it from though it looks like her last sale was in September of 2013.

I think I am a little over half way done of this page.  It is S L O W going!  

And here is my littlest having a rare rest to watch tv for a minute.  Brayden has started calling him Tom-O and I have been finding myself doing the same, and I was the one who said "nobody call him Tommy or Tom it is Thomas".  Oh well Tom-O suits him just fine.  
Happy Stitching!

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