Friday, June 20, 2014

Please no more toys!!

 Below is a picture of my living room, it was taken by my 4 year old without my knowledge.  If he sees my camera unattended, he is snapping pictures.  Too bad he didn't tidy up before.

Where he is sitting is where I do my stitching.  All that mess creativity is an unending battle so I just block it out with my Q-snaps and whatever I am stitching on to save my sanity.  And come on, how cute are those little toes !?!

Last night was Brayden's preschool graduation, here he is with his teachers receiving his certificate.

Today I finished another page on Lightning McQueen.

Here is a closeup.  HOW BORING!  Brown, brown, brown and black.  I need some color in my life so I have started The Frosted Pumpkins Mysterious Halloween Town Club.  I only have about 10 stitches in but it is so cute!

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