Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Five Golden Ringgggsssss.

Please tell me you all sang the title just like I do every time I say it!!  

I finished up the fifth day today, I really enjoyed all the gold in this block which you pretty much can't see in this picture but it is there, I promise.

I also finished a row on Pitbulls.  I am about 99.9% sure my nephew will never find my blog, nor ever want to I am sure, so I will say this.  This is my least favorite project.  The chart is horrid!!  So many symbols look the exact same and that white dog used 12 different shades of white!  Even in real life you can't tell the difference between at least 8 of them.  But it does look quite nice and this is what he chose so I will suck it up and get it done.  But he better love it!!!  I'm just kidding but he at least better like it a lot! :)

Thanks for visiting with me!
Happy stitching!!


  1. Hi Kristine
    Its 6.15 am here and i sm reading your post during breakfast :)
    I really love love those dogs they look so stunning and like a photograph
    Which designer is it ?
    Dont know the song but like the 12 days of christmas project it is growing nicely
    Big hug

    1. Hi Esmeralda, thanks for the lovely comment and spending your breakfast with me :) The designer is Flumpkins X Stitch, they have a shop on etsy. Here is the link to their shop Have fun browsing!!

  2. beautiful work on the sampler and the dogs

  3. beautiful work on the sampler and the dogs

  4. Great progress on both projects. Happy holidays.