Monday, April 2, 2018


Hey guys!

I am finally back with another TUSAL post.  I'm all caught up and am hoping to post on time this month.  Keyword - hoping. :)

My little jar looks pretty empty this month but I have been stitching just not a whole lot of orts I guess.

Mothers And Daughters by The Victoria Sampler.  My goal was to have this finished and if I had any idea how to do Hardanger it probably would have been as that is all I have left to do!  But I have no ideas :) and had to wait until I got together with my stitching guild friends so they could point my needle the right way.

And they must be some super teachers because I did this!  Now I only have the bottom Hardanger section to do.  So that is my new goal - finish the bottom Hardanger section.

Ethan Elephant by Brooke's Books.  My goal was to finish him but that did not happen so my goal will stay the same, get him finished.

Rudolph Kranz by Kissy-Cross.  My goal was to finish it but once again I did not so my goal will still be to finish it.

Hannah Lynn by Heaven and Earth Designs.  My goal was 1000 stitches and I only managed a measly 306.5.  Pitiful!  But I think I will be keep my goal at 1000 for one more month then go from there.

Halloween Rules by LizzieKate.  My goal was to finish the "Carve a Pumpkin" block and the next one but I only managed to finish one.  New goal will be to finish the block I just started.

Deepest Love by Mirabilia.  My goal was to finish her tail.  It is so close.  New goal is to finish her tail and get started on some 1 over 1 skin!

Beatrix Potter Bunnies by LCStitchery.  My goal was to just stitch as much as possible for a SAL and I ended up with 520 stitches added in total so that is that many closer to the finish!  No new goal as it has been put away.

Spring Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin.  My goal was to finish the first 2 blocks and I am very close to doing so.  New goal is to finish the second block and the third.

Hello Spring by LizzieKate.  My goal was to have it finished and my new goal is also to have it finished.

Well that is it for me!

See you all next month!


  1. Wonderful mix of projects . I don't know how you do it. I'm getting overwhelmed with 3 projects .

    1. Thanks Mini! I find I get bored and then don't want to do any stitching if I only stitch on one project. And I think I enjoy the craziness and all the organizing I get to do with so many things on the go :)

  2. Awesome projects! I don't know how you keep up with them all! Your ORTs look great!

    1. Thank you!! I like having lots on the go. Keeps things interesting :) I also have no impulse control either haha!