Monday, April 16, 2018



I am finally back on track and on time with my TUSAL post!

And here are my orts for the month.

And here is what I have been working on - 

Mothers and Daughters by The Victoria Sampler - My goal was to finish this bottom hardanger section.  I did not meet that goal.  I have it started and should hopefully be able to finish it by next TUSAL and really I need to because I am hoping to give this to my mom for Mother's Day.  So goal will stay the same, finish the bottom.

Ethan Elephant by Brooke's Books - My goal was to finish him and he isn't so my goal will still be to finish him and hopefully make a good start on the next one.

Rudolph Kranz by Kissy-Cross - my goal was to have this finished and I am pretty close so my goal is still to have this finished.

Hannah Lynn by Heaven and Earth Designs - My goal was for 1000 stitches and I only got in 396.5.  So I think I am going to lower my goal on this one and aim for 600 this time.

Halloween Rules by LizzieKate - My goal was to finish this block and I didn't manage so my goal will stay the same.

Deepest Love by Mirabilia - my goal was to finish her tail and get started on her skin and I did it!  My new goal is just going to be stitch more skin.

Spring Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin - My goal was to have this block and the next one finished but I only managed this block.  Isn't it adorable?!  New goal finish the next block.

Hello Spring by LizzieKate - My goal was to finish it and it did!

Bloom by LizzieKate - Since I finished Hello Spring I started another LizzieKate freebie.  My goal on this is to have it finished.

And lastly an oldie has been taken out to play for a bit.  I added 481 stitches and finished 2 pages!  My goal for this is just to stitch as much as possible.  It is for a SAL so it will be going away once it is over.

And I think that is it.  Phew!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stitching!


  1. Khristine, I'm in awe of the variety of projects you stitch!

  2. Love the piece for your mom. She is very blessed to have a daughter who would stitch such a lovely piece.

    1. Oh Beth! That is so sweet of you to say :) Thank you!

  3. Great ORTs and an awesome assortment of stitches! I love the teeny rabbit and carrot - too cute!

  4. Wow, so many beautiful WIPs - that Victoria Sampler piece is gorgeous!

    Your solid stitching pieces look like they're not on frames - do you, by any chance, work on those in hand? I'm hoping to start my very first solidly stitched piece later this year, once I finish a couple of in-process pieces.

    1. Thank you so much Deb!!

      I usually use Q-Snaps but the horse one isn't big enough so I stitch that one in hand. Do you usually stitch in hand?