Tuesday, June 27, 2017



I am a little late with my TUSAL but I did dump my jar and take the picture on the right day.  Pretty pitiful this month.

I did work on quite a few projects this month just didn't finish off many threads I guess.

Hannah Lynn by Heaven and Earth Design - I added about 200 stitches.  I only stitch on this one on the 5th of each month for a SAL and I will also stitch on it if I have a finish for the rest of that day so she doesn't get a whole lot of time.

March from the Joyful World SAL by The Snowflower Diaries - Hoping to get this finished before the next TUSAL

Mothers And Daughters by The Victoria Sampler - Last month I had just finished the letter "Z".  I am almost halfway finished.

Deepest Love by Mirabilia - added most of the stitching above the leaves this month.  

ABC Christmas by LizzieKate - added "Candy Cane"

Halloween Rules by Lizzie Kate - added the ghost

Hamilton Horse by Brooke's Books - finished and I have started on Remy Rabbit but I only have his border done and a little bit of the snow so not much to see yet.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Hiya!
    I keep forgetting to take pics of my TUSALS ..... what's a gal to do! Are you throwing your ends away after each photo or do you put them in a cumulative jar? I just keep adding mine to my jar.
    Gosh you have done a lot of stitching.
    I look forward to seeing your Snowflower picture. Love the colours of the Victorian sampler, and how cute seeing your little helper too .... well his/her paw anyway! And I just love the horsey finish ..... so funny!
    Barbara x

    1. Thank you Barbara for your kind words! I usually don't remember to take my TUSAL picture until I see one on someone else's blog ha! I do have a bigger vase I put them all in. It is pretty well full so I don't know what I am when it has no more room! I am thinking of starting to use them to stuff ornaments.