Wednesday, February 1, 2017

She's Home, She's Home!!!

Hello!  Hello!

Can you tell I am excited?!  Well if not, I am very excited :)

Yesterday I hung Titania on my wall and all was right in my world.  She was framed by Old Crow Weaving & Framing.  They did the most wonderful job of choosing the perfect mat and frame.  I couldn't be happier with how she turned out.  And now I get to stare at her every day.

I have been getting a little bit of stitching done too.  Here is Cassie Cow, which I was able to finish off 6 colors on yesterday.

One more measly word got stitched on ABC's of Parenting

And 23 whole stitches was all I manged on Cars the last day I stitched on it.

I do have a good excuse, I was finishing off a really good book.  It is called Lake In The Clouds by Sara Donati.  It is book 3 in the Wilderness Series.  If anyone is looking for a new series of books to sink your teeth into this is a good one!  The books start of with a lady coming from England to live in a remote village in New York in the late 1700s to start a school for the children of the village.  That is all I am giving you.  

And then I started another really good book that is the complete opposite of Lake In The Clouds.  It is called Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and is set in 2044, people are living in travel trailers stacked 40 high because we have run out of room and virtual reality is how everyone does everything.  I.Can't.Put.It.Down.  I was reading it while I waited for my pictures to upload on this post!  Ha!  And it is being made into a movie directed by Steven Spielberg!  Hopefully the next book I pick up is a boring one so I can get some stitching done.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh Khristine, "Tatania" is gorgeous, she takes my breath away! I can see why you are so excited...that was a lot of work and a job well done, my friend!!
    All of your stitching is beautiful, and it's in the enjoyment and not the number of stitches :)
    Thanks for the book ideas, they both sound great...I have been wanting to start "The Handmaiden's Tale" but haven't yet, and "Ready Player One" is right up my alley, as I love dystopian style reads.
    Have a great day

    1. Thank you Karyn! I finished Ready Player One this morning and it was good right to the last word :) The reviews were comparing it to Harry Potter but I would say it is more like The Hunger Games. But it was nothing like The Hunger Games.

      I just looked up The Handmaiden's Tale and it sounds very interesting. I added it to my "want to read" list. Now we enabling each other with more than just stitching ha!

  2. Congrats on the finished and framed Tatiana. You did a wonderful job the stitching is awesome. The other works in progress are also great, my favourite is the alphabet. Keep on stitching , sunny greetings from New Orleans , Alice.

    1. Thank you so much Alice! I really enjoy the alphabet too :) It is a great little reminder to not lose my cool when my kids have flushed a toy down the toilet and clogged it. haha! Thankfully it seems like those day are behind me though.

  3. Wow! The Titania looks wonderful! Good job.

  4. Wonderful job on Titiana, Khristine and thanks for the book reviews, too. Oh, and thanks for the lovely comment on my latest FF.

  5. She is gorgeous!!!!! Love all your stitching! The book sounds interesting!

    1. Thank you for all your wonderful comments Vickie, you put a big smile on my face :)