Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Little update


I hope everyone is well!  Brayden came down with an ear infection Sunday so we have been laying petty low here.  But I have been managing to get some stitching in!  Yay!

ABC's of Parenting had the yellow around the letter "q" stitching and the letters "lec" and part of the "t" stitched last time I had it out.

Cars had a whole column finished and you can see Sally's mouth if you know where to look.  Not real happy with the colors on her but I wasn't with Lighting McQueen either until I had more of him stitched so I am sure she will look fine in the end.

I also started the border for February on the Joyful World SAL, which is a freebie!  I watched the movie The Reader while stitching for the Stitchers film club on Instagram.  If you would like to join in with us use the hashtag #stitchersfilmclub or head over to http://heatherstitches.com/ , she is hosting the club and doing a mighty fine job!  The movie was really good but dealt with some heavy stuff, definitely not a puppies and rainbow kinda movie.

We lost one of our chickens the other night.  Still aren't really sure what happened but the rest seem to be ok so far.  It will be so nice when it is warm again and they can spend their days outside and we won't have to worry about the eggs freezing.  It is -16 with a -26 wind chill here today so going out to look after chickens wasn't high on my list of things I wanted to do but I did it.  I think I will have some eggs for lunch to remind me of the benefit of having our own chickens and to get me in the mood to head back out in the freezing cold to water them again.

Happy Stitching!


  1. You have been a busy girl, despite poor Brayden's ear infection. Poor sweetie, those are rough and I remember them well. Hugs to you both!
    I love your ABCs of parenting, it's coming along fast!
    Ok, so "Cars" makes my eyes bleary, I don't know how you confetti stitchers do it...one day I'll get brave enough to try it.
    I'm sorry about the chicken, so sad! My sister had chickens when my niece and nephew were small, and it was hard when one they would lose one...I hope the rest remain safe.
    OMG, I knew your were way out in the Maritimes, but whoa -26 would kill me, and that's after I spent 20 years living in New England where we would cover head to toe at 0!
    Stay warm, and hope Brayden is feeling better soon.
    I friended you on FB, so if you see a new friend request...it's this girl!

    1. Thanks Karyn! The confetti isn't too bad when you park. And as cold as it was yesterday today it is going up to +6! Weird weather up here! Brayden seems to be on the mend thankfully! And I thought that must be you on facebook :) Yay! We are now facebook friends! haha!

  2. Sorry to hear abt Brayden's ear infection. Still you got good progress on both projects.
    The Reader is one of my fav movies and the other day I was about to suggest it to a friend who was looking for good female movies. I think the character of Kate has been defined very well.
    I always thought that I am a winter person until this weekend. Temp dipped to 0 here , and with no heating in house it got difficult to get out of bed.
    Can't imagine what -16 is like.

    1. Thanks Mini! He is on the mend thankfully!
      You have no heat in your house?! I guess you don't usually get cold weather there though do you?
      I have recommended The Reader to a few people already, it was a really good movie! :)

    2. No heating in the house , as its summer for 8 months in the year.

    3. That is it I am moving! It is supposed to storm here tonight and they are forcasting 25-40cm of snow. I am about done with winter! Ha!

  3. Love all your stitching!!! I haven't seen the Reader yet. I love your joyful World project. I have it printed...just not started.

    1. Thanks so much Vickie! If only we had time to stitch everything we printed :)