Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Temari Tuesday #6... I think

 Hello stitchy people!!

We made another Temari Ball at stitching group last night.  I am going to have a hard time giving this one away!

Isn't he cute!!

Since I finished Promise Me I started on the fourth day of 12 Days of Christmas.

I couldn't leave this muchkin out since the other one is in the picture above.  Isn't he just as cute as the other one!!

And our book advent calendar is under way.  I am not much for giving my kids chocolate first thing in the morning like I was given as a child.  (I wonder what things I do now with my boys that I think is ok that they will think is crazy when they have kids.)  Plus the chocolate in those advent calendars is nasty!!  So instead I have 24 Christmas books that I wrap up every year and we open 1 a day until Christmas.

You will notice in this picture that Day 2 book is not at the top of the pile.  Nobody knew where it was, Brayden especially said he really didn't know until Daddy-O said "are you sure you didn't put it in your room"  Yep, there is was between his mattress and the fitted sheet, for safe keeping I guess.  Last place I would have ever looked.  Little stinker!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stitching!!


  1. Your tamari ball is so neat. How do you make them? And your tamari keeper is pretty cute too!

    1. Thanks Shirley! You use a styrofoam ball and then wrap it with yarn and then wrap it again with sewing thread of the same color, we use a cone of serger thread because you use a lot of it. Then you add the design. The designs are all different, some you just wrap around the ball and some you have to weave in around the other threads. Do you use pinterest? If you do search Temari Balls, there are all different kinds. And I am sure you could find a how to video on youtube. Let me know if you make one!

  2. The temari is beautiful! Good work!