Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pam Reid's Stitching Style Tag

Hey!!  I just finished watching a tag video on youtube about stitching style so since I don't make youtube videos I thought I would answer the tag on here.  Also if you wanted to watch the original tag video I have inserted it below.  She is from NFLD and I just love her accent and I think she is hilarious!  

1)Favorite fabric - I really enjoy stitching on linen but with nothing close by except a Micheals I will use what ever I can get my hands on.

2)Hoop or Frame - I love my Q-snap!!

3)Do you use a stand or just hold your frame - I just hold it.  I would love to get a stand to hold my Q-snap some day but for now holding it is fine.

4)What is your favorite time to stitch - Probably in the afternoon during Thomas's nap, though those are getting shorter so my favorite time is probably going to change to any moment I can get a few stitches in :)

5)Do you use a printed paper copy of your chart or digital - I am a paper copy kinda gal.  

6)Are you a floss licker - Floss licker all the way.

7)Do you hoard or buy supplies as needed - I pretty much buy as needed.  I do have a little stash of Mo's Sale floss and quite a few patterns but I only kit up as I am getting ready to stitch them.

8)What is your favorite floss - Mo's Sale is lovely but as for DMC/Anchor I would have to choose DMC.

9)Are you a serial starter or do you have a WIP at a time - I would have to say I am somewhere in between.  I probably have 10-15 WIPs/UFOs but I don't really feel the urge to start something new all the time but I definitely need to have more than one WIP on the go at a time or I would be so bored.

10)do you have more FFOs or UFOs - FFOs

11)Do you watch tv while stitching - YES!  They go hand in hand, I can't stitch without something to watch and I can't watch something without having something to stitch.

12)Do you mostly stitch alone or do you ever get together with someone to stitch - I meet up with a stitching guild once a week to have a stitching evening.  I also stitch a lot with my sister but she is a seasonal worker and doesn't really have time to stitch in the summer so that hasn't been happening much lately.  

13)Do you like to experiment and alter things with your charts or do you stitch them just as written - Always stitch them as written.  I wish I was braver when it comes to altering them but I feel I decided to stitch them because I liked how they looked and I am much better off leaving the designing to the professionals.

14)Do you bobbinate floss or not - I have a lot of floss on bobbins but I am slowly switching to floss bags. 

15)Do you start a project in the middle of your fabric or at the corner - I always start in a corner but it doesn't always have to be the same corner.  If it is a smaller project I will most likely start in the top left corner but if it is a full coverage piece with multiple pages I will start on page 1 where ever that may be.  But I never start in the middle.  That possibly could be my touch of OCD showing.  

16)Do you have a WIP rotation - I have a rotation with my full coverage pieces but it isn't a timed rotation.  I stitch one full page and then move on to the next but lately I have been adding a smaller piece in between the large pieces just so I get a finish now and then.  

17)do you use a time keeper to keep track of how long it takes you to complete a project - Not by the hour.  I usually write down when I started a piece.  On one of my full coverage pieces I am keeping track of how many days I have stitched on it but I would be nutty if I had to keep track of the 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there.  Ugh!!  That would take all the fun out of it :)

18)Do you use the parking technique - I do... but not always.

19)Do you keep your orts - Of course!

20)Do you like to have a snack or drink while stitching - I always have water beside me.  

Thanks for stopping by!!  And if anyone would like to do this tag by all means go ahead!!  The one rule is you have to let me know in the comments if you do it so I can go read yours :)  Happy tagging and happy stitching!!


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    1. Thanks Mini! They were fun questions to answer. I would love to read your answers! Hint, hint lol :)