Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Halloween Spooky Sampler

Hello stitchy friends!!  I have been working on The Frosted Pumpkins Halloween Spooky Sampler.  This is what is looked like last time you saw it.

And here is it now.  I am quite done with that border but it sure is pretty but very aggravating! 

And I found something out today.  The Frosted Pumpkins will send you a copy of any pattern they have updated that you previously purchased.  You just have to used the same email address you used to purchase them the first time.  For example below is the old Autumn Sampler with the numbers on it and next to it is the updated version without the numbers.  I didn't realized until I had these pictures side-by-side that they are the exact same just one has the numbers removed.  haha!  I thought they had filled in each block more after they took the numbers out but I am pretty sure they are the exact same.  Anyway good to know for future patterns.  

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!  Tonight we are off to our second 4H meeting Brayden really enjoyed himself at the last one so I am looking forward to going again tonight.  :)


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    1. Those Pumpkins really know what they are doing. Did you see the new Headless Horseman chart they released earlier this week? Very cute!

  2. Great stitching progress. These charts are so cute!

    1. Thanks!! And aren't they the cutest!! I have at least 6 more Frosted Pumpkin patterns in my stash, 4 of them being the season samplers like the one above and I can't wait to get them all done so I can hang them up :)

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    1. Thanks Linda!! I am having a great time stitching it :)