Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just call me The Mad Tatter

A few of us ladies from the stitching guild have decided to learn how to do tatting.  Below is my first attempt.  I don't have the proper needles, I am just using a longish "Carpet??"  needle I have from a "home repair kit"  I am quite resourceful when I need to be.  

This was super fun.  I think I will make a few up and give them for Christmas ornaments. 
  I learned how to do this from a youtube video:
The kiddos made this last weekend.  I am surprised there is any candy on it as they sure had their fill while they were decorating!
 My little loves decorating the tree.  Thomas just took an ornament and shoved his hand into the tree and let them go.  I am worried that I will end up throwing some out with the tree this year.
 They did a pretty good job though!

And I totally stole "The Mad Tatter" from another blog, With Needle and Thread, her mom does tatting and that is what she calls her :)  Happy Stitching! or Tatting now I guess!

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