Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A few little things

If you are somebody who likes doing Stitch-A-Longs (SALs), there is a group on facebook called Cross Stitch, It's fun!!! that you should join.  You do need a facebook account to join.   I think there is a SAL every month and maybe even 2 a month.  WonderfullyHopeless, who is a youtuber who makes stitching videos started the group and is really putting a lot of work into it to make it fun.  I am a member of other stitching groups and there are so many rules on what you can post, SALs, and pretty much everything that I am nervous to post anything in case I am breaking a rule, but this group is not like that.  Of course there are rules, like do not share copyrighted charts and don't be mean but that is just common sense stuff.  Anyway they are a really great group of people and I am really enjoying being a member.

And a little/big freebie.  BrookesBooksPublishing is offering a freebie Advent Animals.  Click on the picture of each animal to view the chart.  They are very cute and look like they would be quick to stitch up.  I think I might make them into tree ornaments and the kids could put one on the tree everyday until Christmas.

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