Saturday, July 19, 2014

Stash Haul

I had a great time at Because You Count today.  The ladies there are the best!  Here is what I got today:

This is the fabric and thread for Promise Me by Lizzie Kate.  I got enough to do this pattern twice as I would like to do it for each of my boys.  The fabric is 32ct Lt Sand Belfast and the threads are from The Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works, and they are the called for threads.

Next is a the Lizzie Kate Boxer that I submitted the quote for, "Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened"  I already had pattern and the fabric but I needed to buy the thread, which I did today.  They are all Weeks Dye Works and are the called for threads.

This is the fabric and some of the thread for the Halloween Spooky Sampler.  The fabric is 28ct Doubloon Cashel from Picture This Plus and the thread is from Weeks Dye Works.  All the other thread called for in the pattern is DMC so I either have that in my stash all ready or I will pick it up at Micheals.

And last is a some fabric for the Heaven and Earth Design "Hannah Lynn" that I am going to do for my niece.  I was very surprised at the size of this.  WOW! 16"x22.3" is what it will be when it is finished.  It is 22ct Beige Hardanger.

And my boys got a hair cut!  This is Brayden who got some gel with his cut.

And Thomas before...

And after!  This was his first hair cut and I really had a hard time saying bye to those curls, but let me tell you it sure was easy to wash tonight!

Thanks for reading and Happy Stitching!

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