Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I just can't help myself

So I just bought this.  Those darn pumpkins!  I think I am going to do Frankenstein in the colors Micheal Jackson wears in the "Thiller" video.  I seen someone else had done that on the Mysterious Halloween Town and I thought it was so cute.  And I don't have a scissor fob so this really was a necessity.

Here is some more progress on Pitbulls.  I maybe have 75 stitches left of this page.  I don't think I have ever posted what my stitching rotation is so I was thinking maybe someone is kinda, sorta interested in knowing so here goes:

1st of the month is Once Upon A Time Sampler. I work on it until it is done.
around the 20th is The Mysterious Halloween Town Club (It comes out one a different day each month)  I work on it until it is done.

Then in between Once Upon A Time and Halloween Town I work on these in this order.
1 page Beatrix Potter
1 page Lightening McQueen
1 page Pitbulls
I find that by the time I get a whole page stitched up I am bored with it, so this rotation of the big ones works really well for me.  

There are talks of a motorcycle drive to Mocton this Saturday for a car show, but I am really hoping I can
get a side trip into Because You Count.  Yay!  One can pray.  

Happy Stitching!!  

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