Saturday, July 16, 2016

Trying to fit a few stitches in

Hello friends!

Between tending the chickens, looking after my niece and nephew, doing summer stuff with the kiddos and that boyfriend of mine tearing the house apart, I am finding it hard to fit any stitching time in!  

Today started with me sleeping in until 9!!  The boys and their dad went to town and to get chicken feed this morning and I didn't even know they had left until they come home and woke me up!  It was heaven!  Then that dear man of mine decided today was the day to vent the dryer up through the attic and out the side of the house.  Previously it was vented under the house but things came apart and since he is a sheet metal worker and spends a good majority of his work life hooking up dryer vents and the sorts he might as well do that at home too.  I got to play his assistant today, not as glorious as you might think, it was mainly sweeping up his mess and running to get more tools.  So we did that for awhile then we played tourist for the rest of the day.

First we went to The Bottle Houses, which was really neat.  There were 3 houses built out of bottles that Edouard Arsenault collected then cemented together after seeing a postcard of a bottle house that was in British Columbia.  There were also beautiful flower gardens and a traditionally planted Acadian fruit and vegetable garden which was really interesting since we are getting more into gardening.

(Photo from The Bottle House website)

Then we went to the western most tip of PEI and put our toes in the water and spent some time at The North Cape Wind Turbine Farm.   I had no idea the size these turbines would be, enormous!

(Photo from North Cape Wind Turbine Website)

On the far right in this picture is the western tip of PEI where we put our toes in the ocean.  Those little white specs in the water in the bottom part of the picture are most likely lobster boats.

(Photo from Huffington Post website)

And since this is a stitching blog and all I guess I better show a little stitching.

I put another 100 stitches in on Draft Horses for the July Stitching Challenge from a facebook group.

I am getting closer to finishing the lady on Little Wings.  Fingers crossed tomorrow will finish her up.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Happy stitching!

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