Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Never trust a 2 year old with your stitching...

Hello stitchy friends!  So this is what your stitching will look like if you leave it alone with a 2 year old.  Not all 2 year olds will be this creative, my own 2 year old doesn't ever touch my stitching.  He doesn't seem to have any interest in it but my little niece Elly was all over this!  Anyway it has been returned to it original state and I am going to have to get her her own stitching to do.  

The is a Disney Cars pattern from Etsy but it is no longer available.  

Last night was Temari Tuesday and I made this one.

One more Christmas present off the list!

I have been searching for a Halloween tree for awhile and today I found one for $15!  It even lights up!  I am planning to stitch some little ornaments so hopefully next year this tree will be all decked out!  The pumpkin was decorated by my Thomas, the next Michelangelo I am sure, and I bought the little table at Value Village for $4!  I just couldn't let it stay there for $4!  I think I will paint it but I am just not sure what color yet.  

Here is my little tree up close.  All the little pumpkins go over lights and I stuck them all on thinking there would be enough to cover every light and once I saw that there wasn't I found out that they don't come off very easily or maybe not at all as I didn't get any back off because I was scared I was going to rip the lights off.  So we are a little pumpkin heavy on one side but with some more ornaments on there I am sure you won't even notice... right??

Thanks for stopping by!!  And if you have a Halloween tree I would love to see it, let me know in the comments if you have a picture of yours any where :) 


  1. Nice stitching by your 2 year old ☼
    Love your Halloween decoration

  2. That's a stitcher in making. Oh I love the temari ball.
    Your tree looks beautiful.
    I don't celebrate Halloween so no tree for us.

    1. Thanks Mini! Fingers crossed that I will have a stitching buddy in a few years. Maybe you could have an Autumn tree. I want to have a tree for each season/holiday eventually and I would really like to find something that I could use for all of them instead of a separate tree for each season/holiday and I don't want it to be a Christmas tree. I have been scouting out the trees around my house for the perfect branches I could use but not luck yet.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Alison!! They are fun to do and don't take too long. I had this one all done in about 2-2.5 hours. And that was in a class so there was a lot of talking and teaching, so I am sure once you got the hang of it you could finish one much faster.