Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beatrix Potter Bunnies update, live from Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

Hi all!! We are camping this weekend and while I am loving the wi-fi at the campsite it makes it not really feel like camping when I can bring the laptop along.  

Here is before on Beatix Potter Bunnies by LCStitchery

And the after.  I am close to the halfway mark on this page and I am enjoying stitching it but I can't wait to finish it.  It was supposed to go in my littlest's nursery but since he is about 2 1/2 his nursery days are pretty well over. 

This is my view while washing dishes in the camper.
 Dad's bbqing hamburgers for lunch and Brayden wanted to model his new bike.
 And Thomas was inside with me getting ready for some lunch.  We are having a great time and I don't want tomorrow morning to come because I don't want to pack up :(

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Hello Khristine,
    Thank you for the tip
    It has been awful quiet on the TWsal, so i am glad there is a post again :)
    Your bunnies are growing good and i think you never to big for beatrix potter ;)
    It will stay a classic
    Look forward to see it finished
    Happy stitchy sunday

    1. Happy Stitchy Sunday to you too Esmeralda!! I am so sad I am home again :( But I am sure I will be happy when it is bed time tonight and I get to sleep in my own bed again lol. And I agree with you , Beatrix Potter is a classic and I am sure his children will enjoy it if he doesn't :) Thanks for the lovely comment!

  2. Great progress on your bunnies! It is going to be adorable!