Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

We enjoyed the parade in Rustico today.  It was great as always but seemed to be shorter this year, but great anyway.  Below is my mom, my 2 nephews and my oldest down front.

This is my man and my littlest getting ready to watch the parade.  I sweated my sunscreen right off and ended up with a bright red face.  It was H O T!  Thankfully the sunscreen worked on all the kiddos and we plugged the water to them like there was a drought coming, so everyone else fared pretty well.

Here is my progress on the Pitbulls but I have put it away for a bit to work on Once Upon A Time.

This is my small progress on the July block of Once Upon A Time... part of the J.  I thought I was going to get much more done today but between the 30 degree heat and the 3 extra children I had running through the sprinkler it just didn't happen, but it really was a day well spent!  Next year with Thomas being a little older we might even be able to take in the fireworks too.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Canada Day or if you are from a different country, I hope you had an extra enjoyable day today too.  I know I sure did!

Happy Stitching!

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