Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Late December TUSAL

Hello all!

Here is my TUSAL jar for December.  Just living in the past here :)

Mothers And Daughters by The Victoria Sampler - My goal was to finish the verse and it is finished!  And I made some fairly good progress on the next band too.  New goal is to finish this band and the next one by next TUSAL post.

Larry Lion by Brooke's Books - My goal was to get him finished and he is finished!! 

I also wanted to have the next one, which is Odette Owl, half way stitched and she is about halfway stitched so go me!  New goal - Finish Odette and get started on the next one.

ABC Christmas by LizzieKate - My goal was to finish the word "Evergreen" and the little branches that go with it and the next word which was "King" and they are both finished!  New goal is to finish the next word which I think will be "Holly"

Hannah Lynn by Heaven and Earth Designs.  My goal was to add 1000 stitches and I think I was pretty close or maybe even made it.  I am going to start keeping track of my stitches on this one so I can know for sure each month.  New goal - another 1000 stitches.

Halloween Rules by LizzieKate.  My goal was to finish block 3 and 4.  Block 3 is finished and block 4 is almost finished.  New goal - finish block 4 and 5

Deepest Love by Mirabilia.  My goal was to fix all the frogging I had to do last month and I almost have it fixed.  New goal - Finish her tail.

And this one I started and finished last month.  It is called Sweet Heart by Stone Street Stitchworks and it is a freebie you can get on their facebook page.

And that is everything!  I hope to find a few minutes sometime soon to be back with January's TUSAL and then hopefully I can stay caught up from now on but that probably won't happen :)

Happy Stitching!


  1. Khristine, looks like you met lots of your goals. All such pretty stitching, too.

    1. Thank you so much Kaye! It is nice to accomplish what you set out to do :)

  2. Nice to see your TUSAL jar!
    Great stitching Khristine! Love all your projects, especially Mothers and daughters!
    Thanks for the links, nice to see what they will each look like.
    Barbara xx

    1. Thank you Barbara! The links make it so much easier to enable all of you :) Haha!

  3. So nice! I love to see all these little updates! You have so many projects and yet you work on each one - well done!
    Happy stitching Khristine.