Saturday, February 24, 2018

January TUSAL


I'm back with another TUSAL.  Only a month behind now!

Mothers And Daughters by The Victoria Sampler - My goal was the finish the white lacy band and the next band but as you can see I only finished the lacy band.  1 over 1 stitching takes such a long time!  New goal - finish this band and the next one.

Odette Owl by Brooke's Books- I had hoped to have Odette finished but she ended up going slower than planned.  New goal - finish Odette and make a good start on the next one.

ABC Christmas by LizzieKate - My goal was to finish the word "Holly" but sadly this was a far as I got.  New goal - Finish "Holly"

Hannah Lynn by Heaven And Earth Designs - My goal was to add 1000 stitches and I added 716.5.  I am happy with that.  New goal - 1000 stitches

Halloween Rules by LizzieKate - My goal was to finish block 4 and 5.  Block 4 is finished and I only started block 5.  New goal - finish block 5

Deepest Love by Mirabilia - My goal was to finish her tail.  Still not done but I think I will be by next month.  New goal - Finish her tail.

Heather and Hemstitch - This is a new start this month.  I am stitching this with my stitching guild as a group project.  New goal - is to keep up with the other guild members.

And I think that is it.

I am presently nursing a horrible cold and eye infections in both eyes.  I have been doing next to no stitching and missed work most of the week.  I am ready to be better now.  Any healthy good vibes you can send my way would be very appreciated!

I hope you all are in good health!

Happy Stitching!

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