Saturday, November 19, 2016

We have a new little stitcher!

Hello stitchy friends!

My boy decided the other night he wanted to stitch so I got him a piece of aida and gave him a little bag of odd and ends threads and let him go to town.  He has since picked up his stitching a few different times and seems to enjoy it.  

Meanwhile I have been working on my Brooke's Books Advent Animal for this month, Fitzwilliam Frog.  I am losing steam on these little guys but Brayden really wants to be able to use them next Christmas so I will keep stitching them.  They also seem to get more involved as the months go by so maybe that is part of the problem too.  

And I put a few more stitched in on ABC's Of Parenting by Lizzie Kate.  Still loving this and can't wait to have it hanging up in my house as a reminder to be as good of a mom as I can be.

I hope you all are getting lots of stitching done.  The weather has gotten chilly the last few days so I hope that kicks my stitchy bug right in the behind and I am able to finish a few things I have on the go that are Christmas presents in time for Christmas this year instead of next.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Welcome to the world of cross stitching to the adorable new stitcher.
    Good progress on both your projects. Are you changing some colors on the LK? Looks bit diff from the cover pic.

    1. Thanks Mini! No I am not changing any of the colors but they definitely must be from different dye lots because they look nothing like the cover pic.

  2. That's great that your boy is interested. I've noticed a lot of men are taking up stitching and crochet/knitting as a form of relaxation. He's getting a great head start. :)

    1. It is nice to see men doing these crafts. I was so happy when he said he wanted to try it :)