Saturday, November 26, 2016

Haircut day!


Today was finally haircut day.  Please don't judge me on the state of my children's hair. :)

As you can see they were not very excited.  Especially Brayden.

Here is my wild man Thomas with his new doo.  He sat like a little angel while getting his hair cut.  A lady even commented on how well behaved he was.  And then he was done getting his hair cut and the poop hit the fan.  He was crawling behind chairs and he didn't want to wait for Brayden to get his cut and was yelling that he didn't like me because he had to wait.  So he got to sit on a time out and was much better behaved after a little break from reality.  

And here is Brayden doing a silly face.  We never went though any tantrums like Thomas does with Brayden so I am still trying to figure that whole part of parenting out.

I have put a few more stitches in on ABC's Of Parenting which I really need to get finished as I need this hanging in my house as soon as possible.  You know so I don't put Thomas on a permanent time out!

Happy Stitching


  1. Absolutely lovin' the handsome young men. Very nice haircuts! Your stitching is beautiful. I'm looking forward to more updates. Happy Stitching! East Coast Stitcher

    1. Thanks Christie! They are pretty cute aren't they? :)

  2. Naughty boys! Lovely progress on the LK piece

    1. Naughty is right! Thankfully today has been much better. Thanks Mini!