Saturday, March 12, 2016

Teresa Tag

Hello, just me again.

Teresa Little Stitcher from youtube has a tag video and since I don't make videos I thought I would answer the questions here.

1. Do seasons affect your stitching pattern?(do you stitch less in the summer)

Not really, I don't find I stitch any less in the summer or any more in the winter.

2. Do you prefer stitching with a lap stand, on a floor stand or in hand?

In hand.  I would love a floor stand for my QSnap but I don't have the room or the funds right now.

3. Do you prefer stitching with a hoop, QSnap, Frame or in hand?

QSnap is my favorite by far.

4. Do you use a stitching light or no additional lighting - if yes, do you use a floor light or clip-on light?

No additional lighting...yet.

5. Do you use a magnifier? If yes, do you use the one with an arm that clips on or glasses?


6. Do you stitch one handed, two handed or both?

One Handed.  I have tried two handed but I am not sure yet that it is for me.

7. Do you prefer to stitch alone in a quiet please or around the family and in a living area?

Around the family in the living room is my preferred spot, but with a 2 year old that really is my only choice right now.

8. What is your preferred fabric and preferred count of that fabric?

I really like linen of any count but I have found lately that I enjoy the ease of stitching on aida for small ornaments.  I also stitch on a lot of evenweave and like it a lot too.  So really anything with holes is good for me :)

9. In your time stitching have you ever lost your stitchy bug, if so, how many times have you lost it and how did you get it back?

I haven't lost my stitchy bug in at least 3 years and that is when I started stitching more than one project at a time.  I find now that when I am starting to get bored of a project bringing out a different one to work on gets me back into stitching again.

10. Do you travel and stitch? Would you/do you stitch on public transport? or is it a home hobby only?

I bring my stitching with me quite often, I belong to a stitching guild so I stitch there once a week and I usually bring my stitching when I go to my moms to visit.  I always bring it when we go camping though I usually don't get too much done and any road trips I bring it too but I am not much for stitching in the car and I think that is because the roads around here are too bumpy to try to stitch on.  I don't ever use public transport but if I did you can bet I would be stitching on it.

Thanks Teresa for the fun tag.  I would love if some or all of you did the tag and if you do let me know so I can read your answers!  :)

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