Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I was dying! hehe!

Hello!  I can't believe I forgot to take pictures of my dying adventures from a week ago!  We had such a fun day, my friend and I!  We decided to have a dying playdate and we would each decide on one dying technique.  I decided to do Ice Dying.  Here is a great video to show you the process:

The video is kinda wonky and it starts part ways through the process but the beginning is at the end of the video.

My dying partner decided to do Shaving Foam Dying, which I had no idea what was involved but was very intrigued.  

These are the two flosses I Ice Dyed and I am so impressed with how they turned out!

This is the Shaving Foam Dying.  All you do is put a thick layer of foam on a tray then drop liquid fabric dye onto the shaving foam the swirl it around as much as you want, then lay your fabric on top, press it gently into the foam, lift it off and scrap the shaving foam off the fabric.  This was the first piece I did.

This was the second with a bit of brown added in.

This was the third with the same batch of shaving foam just swirled up a bit more.

This was my friends shaving foam creation that I stole borrowed so I could have some of her pretty colors for myself.  We traded shaving foam back and forth :)

At the end after she added all those pretty blues, greens, yellows and purples she really mixed the colors into the foam so they were really soft and them made a waving pattern in the foam with a spatula and when she took her fabric off it looked like water.  It was gorgeous!!  If I ever get a Mirabilia mermaid I am definitely going to try to make a piece of fabric like that to stitch them on.  I tried to get some of the wave pattern on this piece but I think it was too dark to catch the soft colors, though you can see some blue and yellow a bit.

And this was my Ice Dyed fabrics.

I had so much fun and I can't wait to do it again!  I was very pleased with the Ice Dying on the floss but I think I need more practice on the fabrics.  The video said you only need a very little bit and I think I was way too heavy handed.  And I really want to mess around with the shaving cream some more, I think there really is lots you can do with it.  

Thanks for stopping by, happy stitching!


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    1. Thanks Felicia! I can't wait to find something to stitch on them :)

  2. Wonderful success with your first dying! So pretty!