Thursday, August 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Brayden!!

Well everybody, I am officially a mom to a 6 year old!!!  How did that happen?!?  And in 2 weeks or so he will be back to school and starting grade 1!  I don't know why time has to go so fast.  :(

But we sure are lucky that we got the best of the best with our Brayden!  He is just the sweetest, most helpful boy there is!  For his birthday day we dropped off a load of wood at his Nona's (my mom) house, which is one of his most favorite things to do, he would spend all day piling wood if I let him.  Then he played with one of the neighbors for a bit and then we ended the day at Dairy Queen for a blizzard for Miracle Treat Day and then to Walmart for a new bike!  He was some proud driving that bike to the checkout!!  I don't think I am going to be able to keep him away from the bike until his party on Saturday!

Happy Birthday my love!! xoxo Mama

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