Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dream Big and Donate

Hello there!  Here is my progress on Dream Big.  I am using Mo's Sale threads Eugene and Hades and I am as far as I can go until the baby arrives and I know his name :)  

I have a little story to tell.  My blood type is O- and my children's father has a + blood type.  So when I was pregnant with my first child I found out that if my baby had + blood, like his Dad, I could develop antibodies against any future children I had which would have been dangerous to the baby and myself.  But thankfully I live in a time when we are medically advanced enough that this would never be an issue for me.  My first born did have a + blood type and I was given two shots, one during pregnancy and one right after he was born to stop my body from developing these antibodies.  The shots I was given are made from human plasma.  Some wonderful person donated plasma so I could have my wonderful little boy Thomas without any problems.  I am forever thankful for that and because of a strangers kindness I now donate blood.

Right now because of all the storms Canadian Blood (and probably blood donor clinics in other countries) are very low in their blood supply.  If this is something you have thought about doing before now is the time they could really use you.  It takes about 1 hour for the whole process, which only about 10 minutes of is sitting in a chair donating blood.  There are screening questions, and iron test, blood pressure and temperature check.  And after it is all done there is a kitchen with juice and cookies and coffee where you stay for 15 minutes or so just to make sure you are feeling ok.  1 hour all together, that is it.  So if I have talked anybody into donating :) go visit - for Canadians. - for Americans

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