Thursday, January 22, 2015

Move over cross stitch!

I was sure I wasn't going to like blackwork, or greenwork as my sister is making me call it "so I don't confuse her"  :)  But boy was I wrong.  I was sure I wasn't going to like using the same color for forever and the pattern just looks so complicated but I followed McKenzie, thelovelyarray from youtube, which is where I first seen this pattern, and she said to start at one corner and follow it around.  So like this:

                                               x      x
                                           x             x
                                      x                      x
                                 x                               x
                             x                                       x
                         x                                               x
Start here -> x                                                        x <- finish here.

Then just keep filling the rest of that block in and it worked great.  Once I got the first few star things done on that first row, I had the pattern down pat and hardly looked at the paper pattern until I got to the next row.

I love it, I have a place picked out where I want it to hang and which way I want to hang it.  So 1 down 133 to go.... 

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