Monday, November 24, 2014

Racing right along

Here's my co-pilot, and you can see big brother in the back, intently working on building something.

This is my progress on Cars.  I was watching a youtube video (you need to check this guy out, he is hilarious!) and he called parked threads Willie Nelson's braid.  This is a pretty straggly braid since I am doing this 1 over 1, this is more like balding Willie Nelson, with some age spots/stains on the right there.

I am stitching this in rows of 10 using the parking method.
Like this:
Row1            Row2            Row3           Row 4

So I go from the bottom of row 1 to the top then start at the bottom of row 2 and go to the top and so on.  I also read somewhere that you shouldn't stop in a straight line or it will show when it is finished so when I get to the last stitch in a row I will go into the next row if that same color continues on.

Anyway once I get to the top of this row I only have 3 more rows than this page will be done and I will be 1/6th of the way done of this whole project.  Yay me ?!?  Still a lot of stitching left on this one.

I hope everyone is getting some stitching in today and I am sending good stitching vibes to all of you.

Happy Stitching!

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