Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rhodes Stitch Tutorial Video

I am so new to this whole stitching world.  A few of the ladies from the stitching guild I joined have said to me "So you only do cross stitch?!?", and I have to say yes because that is all I knew up until a short while ago.  Don't get me wrong, they don't say it in a mean way, more of a "I can't believe you haven't been sucked into this wide universe of hardanger, canvas work, blackwork and all the other varieties (see I don't even know what they are all called!), with no way back but to stitch your way out.  But the guild, blogs and youtubers are enabling me.

   I only discovered needlework shops about a year and a half ago.  Before that all I knew was Micheals and Walmart for stitching supplies.  If they didn't carry it, I didn't know it existed.

But upon finding Stitcherista I was introduced to Lizzie*Kate and I had to have those Lizzie*Kate patterns.  The first one I bought was At Our House and I was a goner.

So perhaps there are more people like me who are just discovering this wide stitching world and maybe could benefit from this tutorial.

Go here to watch the video on how to do the Rhodes stitch.

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