Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Mail!

I had won and ebay auction last week so today I thought I would check the mail today in case it had arrived and I got a wonderful surprise when I found a package from Lizzie*Kate!  I received this because I had won a contest they had at the first of the year.  You had to submit quotes for them to use in their "Inspirational Boxer" series.  I submitted this one.  Lizzie*Kate picked 10 they liked and then those 10 were voted on and the top 3 became the new Inspirational Boxers.  For a prize we were able to chose $50 worth of charts and we receive the all the Boxers as they are released.   

The next time they have a contest make sure you enter, they give out great prizes!

And this is the chart I won on ebay.  I have admired Lavender & Lace patterns for awhile now so when I seen this one I thought I would try my auction luck.  I paid $9.45 shipping included.  I guess that is good??

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