Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's been a rough week - Day 16-18 on Hannah Lynn

Day 16
 Day 17
 Day 18
I think I need a Hannah Lynn break.  I noticed tonight that on that black part I messed up by adding one stitch extra about 1/5th of the way up and I am NOT!! hauling that out.  So my plan is to just stitch right over top of the black, and I think it will be ok as long as it isn't a light color, the black shouldn't really show through.

And this parking business is getting to be a hot mess.  I love how you can really see things coming together with the parking, but it is a time keeping all these threads straight.

Tomorrow my boy turns 5!  I couldn't have picked him out better myself.  We had his party on Sunday, just a BBQ with family and friends and we all had a really good time, but I am happy that is over.  Who knew planning a 5 year old birthday party would be such a big job.

Today my head wasn't on straight.  I was making lunch for the boys and the deep fryer was on the stove, so to make room for the pan I pushed the deep fryer over a bit.  I ended up dropping the pan on the floor and scalding hot pizza sauce ended up on my foot.  Now while I was cleaning that up I noticed smoke coming from the bottom of the deep fryer, apparently when I pushed it over, it turned the knobs on for the burners and I melted the bottom of the deep fryer.  Thankfully it wasn't plugged in because it melted the electric cord too.  So no fries with the works for me today.  :(   Sometimes I wonder how I get myself dressed properly in the morning.

Happy Stitching!

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