Monday, January 28, 2019

First TUSAL of 2019!!

Happy 2019 everyone!!
Hope your new year is going wonderfully!  Mine so far has been pretty good.

December was pretty much a bust in the stitching department so most of these orts are from the new year.  I have even managed a couple finishes so far this year!  Things are looking up :)

Now for the stitching!

Halloween Rules by LizzieKate - My goal was to finish the Howl at the Moon block and I only managed to add "at the".  And I am not going to add a new goal because I have since finished it!

Crazy Socks by Rosewood Manor - I hadn't set a goal for this one but I did manage to fill in quite a bit more on the border and since I am not sure when this one will pop up again I am not going to bother with a goal.

Hannah Lynn by Heaven and Earth Designs.  My goal was 600 stitches.  I only managed to get 211.5 in.  My goal of 600 stitches will remain the same.

Alistair Alligator by Brooke's Books.  My goal was to finish him and I did!  New goal is to get the last 2 in this series finished.

Deepest Love by Mirabilia.  My goal was to finish the page I was working on and the white pouf thing in her hand and I did!  New goal is to finish all the stitching.

New start and finish!  Joy a freebie from Pineberry Lane Designs.

Here are my silly boys on Christmas Eve with their new jammies.

The Semi Sane Stitchers group on Facebook is having a Stitch Through the Solar System event.  1 stitch equals 1 mile and so far I have stitched the diameter of Ceres, 590 miles, and Makemake, 1180 miles.  Next up is Haumea with 1218 miles.  Not sure if I will ever get Jupitar finished... 88846 miles in diameter!

I was also so very lucky to win an end of the year drawing in Semi Sane Stitchers and I got a Heaven and Earth Pattern.  I chose Witches and Crones by Jane Wooster Scott.  I would love to start it right now but I am going to finish Hannah Lynn before I start this one.

So that is it for this super late TUSAL post.  It has been in a half finished state for 2 weeks now so this morning I made myself put everything else off until I finished it!  Now it is back to laundry for me.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. A lovely update, congrats on the finishes. Its been months I properly stitched and I don't know why I cant pick a needle.
    Congrats on the win of HAED chart.

    1. Thank you Mini! I kinda lost interest in December with everything going on around the holidays but so far I have been stitching up a storm this year! Don't worry Mini, I am sure you will be itching to pick up a needle soon :)

  2. You are working on some fun, and ambitious projects! What cute sons you have, they look in the same age range as my kids (1-11). How do we ever manage to stitch anything? :) Ha!

    1. Thanks Mary! They are 5 and 9. How many kids do you have? And I don't know how we manage! I few minutes here and there I guess! Haha!