Sunday, November 5, 2017

October TUSAL

Well guys, this is all I got.  Since I posted all my updated photos a couple posts ago I figured I would just leave them there and I will just write my goals for each project here.

Here's my orts for the month.  

Larry Lion - My goal was to have him finished this month but sadly he isn't.  New goal - finish him and make a good start on the next one.  Only 6 to go once Larry is done!

The Joyful World SAL - My goal was to finish March and March is finished!

Halloween Rules - My goal was to be stitching on block 3 and I am and it is almost finished.  New goal - finish block 4 and 5.

Deepest Love - My goal was to have her tail finished and get a start on her skin... who was I kidding with that?!  New goal - finish that tail.

Hannah Lynn - My goal was another 500 stitches and I did add another 500!  New goal - Since The Joyful World is finished Hannah Lynn is becoming a regular in my rotation until I get a page finish so I am going to up that 500 stitches to 1000.

Mothers and Daughters - My goal was to get 4 rows of the verse finished and I did!  New goal - finish the rest of the verse.

ABC Christmas - My goal was to finish the next word I was working on and since I haven't shown this one yet here it is.

New goal - finish next months word.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Replies
    1. Haha! If only I were that ambitious with housework! :)

  2. You can and will meet your goals. I have faith and confidence in you :) Looking good!

    1. Thank you! I need a little push to get me going haha!

  3. Ah yes, there's nothing like setting goals and actually DOING them. Well doneee!!! I really like the Joy and the baby in the crib too. I wish I could rotate as well as you - I find it so difficult to keep switching from one to another, but this might be why you also have goals lol. Love the blog! Love ittt!

    1. Ahhhh thank you!!! You are way too kind :) I didn't think I was going to like rotating but I really do. Keeps me from getting bored with one project :)