Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 goals

Hello again!

I have been reading others 2017 plans/goals and have been enjoying them so I thought maybe you all would enjoy reading my plans/goals.

First off is my Advent Animals by Brooke's Books.  I completed 12 in 2016 and plan to stitch another 12 in 2017.  There are 25 all together so it would be the icing on the cake if I stitched all 13 this year.

Next up, I joined a Christmas Ornament SAL last year and you choose an ornament to stitch according to the theme for the month.  I was finding by the end of the year that it was becoming a chore to stitch 2 ornaments each month (with the advent animal ornament), so this year (and I hope I am not breaking too many rules) I am going to stitch ABC Christmas by Lizzie Kate.  I had a look and there is a word on it to fit each theme, so I will still be able to belong to the SAL and I am sure 1 word a month isn't too much for me.

I also have ABC's of Parenting in my wip pile that I would like to get finished.  I started it for the Lizzie Kate SAL and I last left off here

For my new year, new start I am going to start Halloween Rules by Lizzie Kate.  I am going to start it on January 1st but I don't know if I will get any further with it until I finish ABC's of Parenting and ABC Christmas.  I kinda made a rule a while back that I can only have 1 wip per designer going at once so if I finish up the other 2 I will put all my time into it.

My Save The Stitches last left off here

I would like to get at least 1 more block done this year.

I have one month finished on The Joyful World by The Snowflower Diaries and would like to get 1 more month stitched

Now on to my full coverage pieces, I am going to start from oldest to newest

Draft Horses - where I left off 

I would like to put in at least 1 stitch on this.  Not very ambitious with this one.

Next is Beatrix Potter Bunnies - where I last left off

I would love to get another page finish on this

Cars - left off here

I will be stitching on this one this month for at least a day so I am pretty confident I can get a page finish on this one sometime this year.

Pitbulls left off here 

I would be happy with a page finish on this one

And last but not least is Hannah Lynn which left off here

I would love to manage another page finish but with the diagonal columns getting so long I would be happy with 2 diagonal columns.

I will also be starting a Mirabilia in March, Mermaid of the Pearls.  I will be happy with any progress I make on it.  I also want to stitch the new freebie from Blackwork Journey called Sublime Stitches but that will only happen if I somehow manage to finish Save the Stitches, so probably not.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my goals for the year.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Beautiful progress on all of them. I am looking forward to seeing your progress. The plans and goals sound awesome! I've got mine set for the SALs coming up as well. :) Happy Stitching! East Coast Stitcher

    1. Thank you! It was fun to do some planning with my wips :)

  2. Great plans for the new year. I would love to see some progress on Save the Stitches WIP.

    1. Me too! I really need to make it a priority! Especially since Blackwork Journey has a new freebie coming out that I would love to do. I Actually have the threads ordered so maybe I should get going on Save the Stitches. :)