Friday, July 8, 2016

Oldest most challenging wip


In one of the facebook groups they are having a challenge this month to work on your most challenging project.  The challenge is to stitch 100 stitches a week for the month on whatever project you choose.  This is mine.

It was a free pattern I found online and I think it is called draft horses.  As I am sure you can see from the picture it is complete confetti.  I think the further up I go the better the confetti gets or I hope that is the case.  I started this project probably in 2010, maybe 2009 so it is my oldest wip.  Also I taped the chart together to make one big chart and at the folds it is falling apart and making it impossible to read the chart.  And the last most challenging issue is that I decided to stitch it 2 over 1 on 28ct.  It is so packed full of stitches that I am having a very hard time finding the empty spots for the missing stitches, so I am starting to park some threads hoping that will make it easier.

I will finish this someday!!

Week 1 challenge complete.  I stopped counting stitches at 150, so I stitched at least 150 stitches.

I also found out I am not a stitch counter.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Happy stitching!!


  1. Oh that piece looks challenging! Its amazing how the challenges on facebook and social media inspire us to pick us UFOs and turned them into FOs. I'm cheering for you .You are brave to continue with this in-spite of all the issues you mentioned

    1. Thanks so much Mini! I need lots of cheering!! :) And if it weren't for those challenges I am sure when I would ever pick some of these projects up :)

  2. The part you have completed is really nice. Good luck! You can do it!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I need it with this project! Ha!