Thursday, September 10, 2015

Don't judge me by how behind I am in my blog reading

 I read blogs 2 different ways, I have a netvibes account that I keep up on daily but I only use it for blogs that don't offer an email subscription, and the rest of the blogs use the email subscription option.  The email option is what I am behind on.  I am currently reading blogs from April.  My sister tells me that I should just delete everything and start fresh but if I had listened to her I wouldn't have known that I was nominated again for the One Lovely Blog Award by Crafting Paws...way back in April.  There is no hope for me so just go with it, I have given in to my 13000+ hotmail inbox.

So I just wanted to thank Crafting Paws and tell you guys to go check her blog out she stitches the cutest things, think The Frosted Pumpkins and Cloudsfactory, and she has the cutest kitties!  

I am still amazed anybody wants to read my ramblings let alone award me for them haha!

P.S.  I pulled out Promise Me by Lizzie Kate today and I almost finished the top row of words so keep an eye out for a progress picture soon :)


  1. Ack I don't think I could face that much of a blog backlog. Well done to you for going back through them.

    1. I have a hard time with it but I just can't bring myself to delete everything. I just try to get through as many as I can each day. :) It's been slow going.